Sisters-in-Christ are ladies of the church family that meet February, April, June, August, October, and December. Speakers or crafters may share topics of interest. Sometimes the ladies take a “field trip” to enjoy God’s beauty and to enjoy a wide variety of interesting local areas. Also at each gathering, a devotional is shared and lots of great visiting!

A highlight of the entire year is showering “secret” Sisters with cards of encouragement, a special gift at birthday or holiday time and always uplifting them in prayer. These “secret” Sisters’ names are drawn at the annual Christmas party in early December for the following year and revealing of “your secret” Sis from the year just past by giving a gift with your name attached.

All ladies of the church family are invited to be a part of this group and visitors are always welcome! Contact the church office for more information.

2021 Calendar TBD

February 5, 2020  @  BCC Fellowship Hall

Co-hostesses: Heidi Wilson & Danielle Shuman

Devotional:  Sharon Wheatley

April 1, 2020   @   BCC Fellowship Hall

Co-hostesses:  Diana McClintock & Andrea Wibbell

Devotional:  Barb Caparoon

June 2020  —  Summer Outing

Co-hostesses:  Diana Mohr, Laurie Green, Elizabeth Dixon

August 5, 2020   @  BCC Fellowship Hall

Co-hostesses:  Kathy Brumbaugh & Peggy Lemley

Devotional: Dawn Todd

October 7, 2020  @  BCC Fellowship Hall

Co-hostesses:  Wendi Whitaker & Amanda Harrison

Devotional:  Becky Humphrey

December 2, 2020 —  Christmas Dinner Party @ TBD

Co-hostesses:  Susie Schulte, Janie Long, Diana Mohr

Devotional:  Lori Waddell

Ladies Bible Studies

Tuesday Morning Ladies

If you come around the church building on Tuesday mornings, 9:30-11 a.m., you will find a group of ladies meeting for a time of study, coffee or tea, and prayer. These ladies meet September-May. All ladies are welcomed to come, sit at the table, and dig into the Word of God. Contact the church office for more information.


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Phone: 217.746.3571