I’m New Here

What Should I Wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. At BCC, you will see all sorts of attire ranging from khakis to jeans…from t-shirts to blouses to dress shirts…dresses & skirts for the ladies…we want you to wear whatever makes you comfortable. We would ask that you select attire that is modest and would not be a distraction to others as we worship our Lord.

When You Arrive

When you walk through the double glass doors, you will be welcomed by a couple stationed at our Welcome Center. There, they will hand you a bulletin as well as answer any questions you may have; help you find a Sunday School class that begins at 10:15 a.m.; point you to Heavenly Grounds Coffee Bar; introduce you to others; and point you to the sanctuary where worship service begins at 9:00 a.m. At the end of service, return to the Welcome Center to meet and talk with our pastors and receive a gift as a first time guest.

 During the 9:00 a.m. service there is a Nursery for 0-2 yrs. and 2-3 yrs.; Jr. Church for 4 yrs. through 5th graders. 6th graders and older are asked to join the worship service in the sanctuary.

Communion & Offering

Each Sunday we invite all Christians to prayerfully examine their heart then take the bread and juice as they are passed. You may take the bread & juice as the tray is passed returning the empty cup to the tray or keep them until you are ready to partake.

The offering time is for our active attenders to support the ministry. If you are a visitor, let the service be our gift to you.

Heavenly Grounds Coffee Bar

You are invited to enjoy a cup o’ joe free of charge!
We have coffee available every week at no charge to you.